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    I'm Nicolás

    Senior Lead Software Engineer specialised in Mobile Applications.

About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Nicolas Yuste. I'm passionate of mobile platforms and mobile devices. I love making software people can touch with their fingers. I've been developing and leading teams who developed Mobile Applications for more than 10 years. I am currently living in León (Spain) and working remotely for the company I worked during the last 5 years: Groupon.

In addition to coding, I am very active, I like the outdoors, music, going to the cinema, flying my drone and playing soccer.

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My Specialty

My Skills

iOS Development


Android development


Team Management / Scrum


React Native / React JS


APi Design / Software Design


Release Engineering


User Interface UX


Backend development


App UI Design



Ingeniero en Informática por la Universidad de León.

I finished my degree 2012. I learned everything I could and I met a lot of interesting people during this time. I always had to learn Mobile Development on my own because at that time, it was not common to teach iOS development in the Spanish universities yet.

Beca Erasmus para un año completo en Suecia.

I lived in Halmstad (Sweden) for one full academic year. It was a great experience where I could meet a lot of people and improve my English, something not so easy to do in Spain.

It was in 2010 when I needed the Diploma to be allowed to request my Erasmus scholarship to Sweden. My English has improved a lot more since then, specially after leaving 5 years in the United States.


Work Experience

iOS Developer at Blink by Groupon
Madrid: Sept 2012 - Oct 2013

Right out of college I found this job, I was responsible of:

  • Manage the development of the Blink by Groupon iOS App.
  • Guided the troubleshooting and debugging of the app before its release.
  • Interact with the Blink by Groupon Design team to lead the design of the iOS app.
  • Ensure ease of functionality and the quality of the app.

iOS Engineer at Groupon
Seattle: Oct 2013 - Mar 2016

I moved to the United States for this role. I joined the Global Travel Technology team in Seattle where I helped to create a lot of exciting new travel products.

I was one of the founding members of the Groupon Getaways iOS Mobile Team. I was responsible for initial architecture and organization of the "Groupon Getaways app". After a successful release I started to work in the main Groupon app while maintaining the Getaways App. I expended a few months collaborating a lot with the main Mobile Team in order to ship exciting Getaways features in the main Groupon app.

Mobile Engineer Manager at Groupon
Seattle: Mar 2016 - May 2018

After an exiting time in the Groupon Getaways team I moved to the Core Groupon Team. This team was in charge of both iOS and Android Groupon apps which are used by millions of users.

I joined this team and also got promoted into a manager role. I started to manage a team of ten Android engineers. Me and my team were taking care of some of the most important parts of the app, Checkout pages, Deal Detail Pages and the whole Groupon+ experience are a few of the examples we were actively working on.

Senior Lead Software Engineer at Groupon
León: May 2018 - Feb 2022

After 5 years in the United States. I came back to Spain and I work remotely as a senior lead software engineer within the Groupon Mobile Team. I help driving big projects across Android and iOS platforms. I have recently joined the Groupon Principal Engineering program.

Senior Software Engineer at Spotify
León: Feb 2022 - Now

Unlocking the potential of human creativity by giving a million creators the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

I work remotely from my house in León (Spain).

Independent Engineer

Apart from my Spotify job, I also have some personal project going on. The biggest one is Card Binder: MTG Manager. I love playing Magic The Gathering so I created this app to help manage my collection. Nowadays, it is used by over 5000 users across the globe and I release a couple of updates each quarter.

My Work

Recent Work

Spotify App

Used by millions of users.

Groupon App

Rated in the top 25 best apps in the United States.

Card Binder: MTG Manager

Sort, filter, and enjoy your Magic collection like you have never done. Create and save all your decks as well as your full collection of cards. Entirely built using SwiftUI.


TEDxLeón es una aplicación sencilla desarrollada para la séptima ediición del evento. Disponible para iOS y Android.

Cubes Memory

It is the game I developed to learn Swift when it was launched. Only available for iOS

Lucha Leonesa

Lucha Leonesa es la aplicación que desarrolle para la temporada de verano. Es posible consultar tanto el calendario como la clasificación de los luchadores. Disponible para iOS y Android.
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